Intuition and Enorasi Reiki



There are 3 attunements to the Intuition and Enorasi Reiki energy system.

You should be a Reiki Master to pass these attunements on to others but no pre-requisite is required just for your own attunement.


Intuition and Enorasis Empowerment
Enorasis means clairvoyance. This sacred empowerment of divine light and divine love will boost your psychic and spiritual power and wisdom, the inner channeling power and wisdom, the highest healing power and wisdom of the inner ancient primordial power and wisdom. It will open, clear, and balance the third eye which is the divine eyes of spirit, elevating awareness and consciousness to new levels.

Intuition & Enorasis Helps in Meditation and Visualization Opening the Third Eye Enhancing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Wisdom Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Power Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Love Contacting the Holy Masters / the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Archangels Holding more Light, Life- Force and Love into ones’ energy system, body, mind, cells and DNA.

Boosting our Healing Energy and our Healing Power Helps in the Path to Enlightenment and Helps the Self become One with All That Is / God/ the Source Brings many blessings and positive energies, protection, guidance, light, joy, peace and love into one’s body, mind, spirit and everyday life!


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