Light Of Transition Empowerment Reiki



by Linda Colibert

The Light of Transition Empowerment Reiki connects you to Spirit and your Higher Self so that you may receive Divine Guidance, healing, and make smooth transitions. Every decision we make affects our future, some in small ways, and others in very drastic life changing ways.

The energies of Light of Transition brings strength, courage, and hope so that you may act upon opportunities without fears and doubts that cause stress and worry. Changes are inevitable. Often we fear making the wrong decision so we make no decision, or we do decide to move forward in our lives, but have no clear understanding of how to or what to do. We fear the chaos that often  accompanies change. The healing energies of Light of Transition Empowerment calms and sooths anxiety and quiets our doubts and fears, by filling us with love, light, strength, courage, and positive energies. When you are filled with confidence and commitment to moving forward in your life, fears and doubts fall away, like the skin of a snake when it sheds the old skin for a new one. The emotional healing of this attunement carries you forward as your transitions in life are smoother and easier.

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