Dynamic Sacred Space Reiki



Dynamic Sacred Space is a Divine Hexoctahedron (48 triangular faces) structure you activate around your body when you want secure sacred space. This shape is often found on diamonds.
It provides added security from astral onlookers and other less pure energetic interferences.

It consists of these three attunements:
1. Ethereal Nickel Empowerment: Surface Protection, Catalyst
2. Ethereal Taenite Empowerment: An Hexoctahedron Nickel-Iron Meteor
3. Dynamic Sacred Space: Blends the energies, sets, strengthens, sanctifies, and
secures the structure.

This is particularly good for when Sacred work is required and there  is not time for ritual to secure the space properly. It is also wonderful for when you are in an unfamiliar physical location or a location that other people use also.

If you are hosting a Sacred Event and there is a gatekeeper for this event, be sure to attune this person to Dynamic Sacred Space and ask them to activate it and be responsible for de-activating it when the event is complete. This will free you as the facilitator of the event to do your teaching or healing work without  also being anchor point for security. Many Sacred Circles that  are providing seasonal or High Sacred events, from many cultures and belief systems, naturally have a person In charge of the entrance to the area intended to be Sacred Ground for the duration of the services that day. It is wise to ask that person to be the anchor  point for Dynamic Sacred Space. It is wise not to go about your day within the Dynamic Sacred Space that was activated for the activities of more than one person.

You may activate a personal sized Dynamic Sacred Space for yourself anytime and it usually remains active for 48 hours.

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