Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment Reiki



This healing modality will help to bring in, awaken,enhance, empower and activate your spiritual and psychic gifts and abilities that are aligned with the divine blueprint made with Spirit prior to you entering into this incarnation. Through using the Psychic Gifts Flush you will flush out anything that has kept you from developing energetic boundaries so that you have more choice over what enters your field of energy. This will enable you to open your field of energy to your Higher Self as well as your Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings of Light such as the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.

The energy will gently flush blocks that affect you at your chakras and clear any blocks to your intuition. The empowerment will activate and develop your strongest psychic gifts. As the blocks are flushed from all of your fields of energy and your energetic bodies the energy will actually integrate your psychic abilities into your life successfully as well las into your human side and mind so that you do not get stuck by any skepticism the finite mind has come to adopt in form of false and limiting beliefs about your abilities.

Adopt positive attitudes and core beliefs
Confidence in Psychic Abilities
Enhanced Intuitive Skills
Opening to Higher Purposes
Financial Abundance
Spiritual Fulfillment
Alignment with Higher Good and Divine Life Purpose
Commitment to Life Path
Worthiness of Gifts
Manifesting Energy
Removal of Skepticism in Gifts
Energetic Boundaries
Enhanced communication with Higher Beings of Light
Empower and Open Spiritual Gifts


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