Angels Of The Earth – Animal Healing Reiki



By Linda Colibert

It is recommended that you be a Reiki Master, or/and Kundalini Master to receive this attunement. 

However, this is only a suggestion. If you have some experience working with energy healing and other reiki systems, then you may still receive this attunement. There are symbols in this system and the energies are of a very high vibration.

Angels Of The Earth – Animal Healing Reiki is a system that combines the Divine Earth Energy and power of Archangels to communicate with and heal animals. It calls on Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel to intervene and lend their power to heal animals. Divine Earth Energy is called forth to heal animals in body, mind, and spirit. Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both, communicate with animals and heal animals.During the attunement to Angels of the Earth–Animal Healing, you will be attuned to all of the energies of this system and the 2 symbols, which will greatly heighten your abilities to perform any and all of the techniques in this manual.

Angels of the Earth teaches several techniques for communicating with animals, and healing animals. You will learn some reasons why animals become ill, and some information about the life path purpose of animals. You will also learn Telepathic Communication with Animals, Healing with Visualization and Angels, Hands on Healing, 2 symbols for animal healing with description of how to use them and how to draw them, Cancer or Tumors, Clearing Chakras in Animals, Crystal Healing in Animals, Clearing the Aura in Animals, Healing Emotional Distress in Animals, Psychic Surgery, Healing Pain and Swollen Joints in Animals, Helping an Animal Cross over and more.

You will be attuned to Master level and can pass this attunement to others.


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