Flidais Goddess Of The Forest, Love And Sensuality Empowerment



by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Flidais is the Celtic goddess of sensuality and lady of the forest., combines the attributes of the goddess Artemis with the sensuality of aphrodite.

As the lady of the forest, she takes care of all wild and untamed nature things and is associated with the Green Man and encourages the growth of the trees, but is also associated with animals, especially cattle, and often comes driving a chariot drawn by eight deers and she called all the animals of the forest as” her cattle. “

The symbolic meanings of the deer are numerous, because his long horns are renewed periodically, is compared to the tree of life, symbolizes fertility and the rhythms of growth and rebirth.

Flidais, as the goddess of love and sensuality, has a changing and transformative aspect of the feminine.


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