Spiritual Animal Healer Program – 6 Attunements



By Linda Colibert

The Spiritual Animal Healer Program is designed to help in all areas of animal healing. There are no prerequisites–although it would be helpful for students to have some knowledge of Reiki energies and how they work. Anyone can learn to use the energies of the Spiritual Animal Healing Program.

There are 6 attunement levels to the Spiritual Animal Healer Program, each one connects on a deeper level and allows you to communicate and heal animals with a higher degree of energies:

Level 1: Animal Communication–strongly enhances your abilities to understand and communicate with animals.

Level 2: Emotional Trauma Animal Healing– this attunement allows you to connect with animals on an emotional level and works to heal them emotionally. You will learn what causes emotional trauma in animals and how to help animals deal with it.

Level 3: Physical Animal Healing–this attunement connects you to powerful healing energies that work to help heal physical ailments in animals, including relieving pain, and speeding recovery of injuries, illness, and disease.

Level 4: Animal Behavior–this attunement helps you to understand what causes behavior problems in animals and works to help heal animal behavior problems.

Level 5: Wild Animal Environmental Healing–this attunement connects you to the energies of animal species and their environmental habitat in the wild. It also works to help heal the environment (Mother Earth) as well as helping animal species to survive in the wild, including endangered species.

Level 6: Crossing Over Animals–this attunement connects you to animals on the deepest level, and works to help you cross them over in peace and with love when it is time to let them go.

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