Sapphires Of Angels Reiki



By Stephen Lovering

Pre-requisite – Colours of Angels

This beautiful course is for anyone with an interest or a love for angels. I have been working with angels for many years now and their energy is wonderful.

This follows on from Stephen Lovering’s Colours Of Angels Course and is a lovely expansion and addition.

There are seven Sapphire connections in this attunement course. These are:

Archangel Michael’s Blue Sapphire – Spiritual truth and protection
Archangel Jophiel’s Yellow Sapphire – Spiritual abundance
Archangel Chamuel’s Pink Sapphire – Love and emotions
Archangels Gabriel’s White Sapphire – High spiritual consciousness
Archangel Raphael’s Green Sapphire – Vision and Compassion
Archangel Zadkiel’s Purple Sapphire – Awakening and calming
Archangel Uriel’s Star Sapphire – Intuition


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