Negativity Flush



By Nicole Lanning

Negativity is a feeling that we will have experience on our lifes path. No matter how spiritual we may be we will always occasionally have a negative feeling or thought that is within us or is around us. If you are an empath then this feeling of negativity can be very overwhelming. Picking up on others energies who could also be feeling negative will affect your own feelings and state of mind. Have you ever been to a friend or family members house only to listen to them go on and on about the same negative thing over and over again only to leave you feeling drained, angry or depressed when you were feeling very positive and full of energy before entering their home.

You are picking up on their negativity!

Having a negative attitude is not the best way to live and to enjoy life but with the negative flush you and all the negative energy that has built up will literally be flushed from your aura, chakras, meridians and physical body leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

After the negativity has been cleared away it will allow the positive universal energies to enter your chakras, aura and meridians to fill in any residual gaps or holes that the negative energy has left. This attunement will also by default perform a full healing on all levels of your being which can at times cause a slight detox effect to take place. This will only last for a few hours so please drink plenty of water and always remember to ground before and after all energy work.

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