Luminous Energy Field Clearing Empowerment



The purpose of the Luminous Energy Field Clearing and Empowerment is to locate where the energy imprints are stored in our Luminous Energy Field and remove and erase these imprints and re-fortify the luminous fibers and energy field. When this is done, the templates of physical and psychological illness formed by trauma, past-life events, and inherent forces are removed so that the body, mind and spirit can return to good health in accordance with divine blueprint. This empowerment will repair damages to the LEF such as ones caused by painful memories, destructive thoughts and or emotional pain so that our physical body will not be plagued by disease. The LEF clearing and empowerment clears out the energetic, mental and emotional blocks so that our physical body will heal itself. The energy will clear out what brought the disease into the physical.This will restore vitality and health so that painful, traumatic, difficult situations from past lives or childhood do not continue to manifest in the physical causing damage to our LEF.

Benefits of the Luminous Energy Field Clearing and Empowerment
Removal of old programming
Relief from depression
Freedom from negative habits and patterns
Cessation of physical pain
Release from negative self sabotaging habits or addiction
Increased happiness and contentment with life
Less emotional upset
Bring about a balanced state
Feelings of expanded lightness
Brings clarity and direction for our life
Heals our luminous energy field of imprints from the past that are creating negative patterns in our life
Uncovers the underlying causes of ill health and disease
Prepares us for Ascension Work and Grid work
Increased ability to embody one’s most loving self
Diminished worry
Heals relationship challenges; to finding love and happiness
Helps us to uncover life purpose
Riddance of unnecessary karmic imprints from past lives
Increased trust in Source and one’s own manifestation abilities
Enhanced insight and intuition
Heals childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, and past life trauma
Increases energy and vitality
Greater capacity to stick with healthy lifestyle choices
Improved clarity
Supports the healing of ill health and disease
Increased ability to receive guidance from Higher Self and other guides
Deeper connection with God and others
Ability to reclaim one’s power
Appreciation of oneself
Effectively releases tension from our body and mind
Enables us to access our higher self for wisdom and healing
Increases abundance so we create the life we really want!

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