Higher Self Journey Activation Program – 7 activations



By Rev. Tracey Loper

The Higher Self Journey Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communicating with your Higher Self. The seven activations are the Divine Protection Activation, Clearing Activation, Grounding Activation, Third Eye Activation, Energy Bodies Clearing, Meditation Activation, Spirit Guides and Higher Beings Activation and Dream Activation.

Below you will find a detailed description of each of the activations. The Course manual is 27 pages and includes topics such as Who or What is the Higher Self, Why it is important to connect to the Higher Self, What the benefits of doing so are, the purpose, role, and or function of the Higher Self, recognizing the voice of the Higher Self, Methods for connecting with the Higher Self and more.

Divine Protection Activation
This activation creates an etheric shield of Divine and Holy protection which acts as an energy that envelopes you and blocks out intrusive vibrations or malicious, negative, lower vibrations from other sources. This Divine protection activation will shield you from any unwanted interference or distraction of any lower nature during your connection to your Higher Self.

Clearing Activation
The purpose of this activation is to clear any blockages or barriers that keep you from communicating with your Higher Self and accessing its wisdom. This could be negative energies, doubts, skeptical dispositions, lack of understanding, inability to accept higher possibilities, distractions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, false beliefs, etc. The activation will restore balance to all areas of the physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric and mental bodies.

As a result of the clearing you will find it more natural to recognize, accept and acknowledge your Higher Self. It will bring a greater scope of understanding and help you to leave the lower mind. Within our etheric body there is etheric energy that can be toxic to us on a physical level. This could affect our physical body in a negative way so it is very important to release the negative energies from the etheric body. The clearing activation will help us to do just that.

Grounding Activation
This activation will keep you in your body, conscious of your surroundings, present, available for whatever happens. It will create an energetic connection as spirit from your body into physical reality and serve to keep the body and energy system safe during meditation and conscious contact with the Higher Self.

It will empower your process of Higher Self communication by aligning you as spirit with your physical body so that you are present and can attend to what needs to be done. Additionally, the activation will release any unwanted, excess energy, help you direct your energy, enhance meditations, assist you to be more aware of your path, and enable you to have a greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of the Higher Self.

Meditation Activation
The purpose of this activation is to help you to receive guidance from the Higher Self in meditation. It will enable you to develop a routine of connecting with the Higher Self as well as help to discipline you to consistently seek communication and wisdom from your Higher Self.

Higher Guidance Activation
The purpose of the Higher Guidance activation is to help you hear the still small voice of the Higher Self within you.

It will free you from all thoughts and or energies that keep you from hearing the Higher Self or the inner voice. As well, it will help you to establish a deeper connection to the Ascended Masters who will help you in your connection to your Higher Self should you choose to call on them for assistance.

Communication Activation
This Activation will enable you to communicate with the Higher Self through any means that you find beneficial to you whether it be through your dream state, automatic writing, meditation, channeling, etc. It will empower you in this area and help you to gain needed insights and information through whatever means of Higher Self communication you choose.

Heart Activation
The heart activation will enable you to release less than loving thoughts about self and others, negative self images, self criticism, or any thoughts that you are a failure. It will remove any lack of belief in self and or your ability to establish a connection to your Higher Self. It will open the heart to the unconditional love of the Higher Self so that you can see the truth of which you are, beyond what you see, hear, believe, so that you can have a personal experience with your true nature. It will enable you to incorporate higher perceptions and beliefs about your true Divine identity.


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