Magick Reiki Grounding



By Daelyn Wolf

Magick Reiki Grounding is a magick energy infused system that combines magick and reiki. It works to help you get grounded and stay down to Earth. When you need to be connected to the Earthly plane, this system helps also with any of the light headed side effects of high energy reiki or energy work so that you will be grounded and feel empowered, rather than spacey with your “head in the clouds”. It keeps you grounded so you can function your best on this earth as you follow your path.

Staying Grounded is essential if you do any kind of energy work. While working with powerful energy that is high vibrations, you can often get caught up in the etheric energy and lose touch with the reality of Earthiness. Magick Reiki Grounding, keeps you connects so you can work in higher planes and with high vibrational energy and apply it to your physical life. It is a very powerful energy that keeps you on your path as you work with energy.


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