Angel of Communication and Expression Empowerment



The Angel of Communication and Expression brings to us the message that we should not be afraid to communicate or express to others our divine truth. If we hide, or with hold honest, clear communication and self expression it can cause such confusion in our lives. We assume that those around us know what we want, or feel, and in truth they do not.

This Angel lets us understand that we cannot lose anything by simply stating the truth. We do not need to accuse or blame others to speak this truth, and what is truly underlying of our lack of communication and self expression is a fear of not being accepted or approved! We need to come to an understanding that it is an act of love, not just towards others but to ourselves also, to communicate and express ourselves, clearly, honestly, and lovingly. The Angel of Communication and Expression comes to us to give us support, call upon this angel to help empower you with the truth of love, give thanks for this gift of expression and creativity.

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