Angel Of Cleansing



The Angel of Cleansing brings to us the message that if we are going through a time of difficulty, confusion and we are feeling lost, to have faith that this difficult time is drawing to a close. The Angel of Cleansing asks us to trust that this difficult time serves a purpose, even though it is often difficult to see the silver lining in the dark cloud. We have to go through these transitions to grow and to learn, and we must trust that this time how ever difficult, is ultimately apart the Divine Order of the Universe as are all things. Just as nature has her changing seasons, so does your life.

We can call upon the Angel of Cleansing to help us through this time, to cleanse our auras and chakras, to bring us focus, renewed clarity, direction and strength. The Angel of Cleansing will restore harmony and balance; give thanks to the Universe for this blessing and rest safe in the knowledge that Spirit and all beings of love and light are there to support and guide us.

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