True Self – High Being Of Light Reiki



By Linda Colibert

The energies of the True Self—Higher Being of Light connects you to your true self. Deep within, you may have forgotten who you truly are—an energy being having a physical experience on this Earth. You are a Higher Being of Light! You are pure energy, manifested in a physical body of stardust. You are powerful. You are beautiful. And you have all that you need within to change your life, and manifest your desires for the highest good! Connect to your inner self, the essence of your soul, your Higher Being of Light, to “remember” and discover your True Self.

True Self—Higher Being of Light reiki attunement helps build and restore self confidence, enhances intuition and trust in yourself and your abilities, and helps you to become fearless in pursuing your dreams. The energies fill you with pure energy, enthusiastic passion, and the inner strength and belief in yourself to overcome any obstacles in your path. May your inner light always guide your path!

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