The Goddess Aine



By Elizabeth (Midnightowl) Hibel

The Celtic goddess Aine is best known as the Fairy Queen of Munster.

She is also a moon goddess and a love goddess who has a soft spot for humans and even softer spot for men. She encourages love in humans, knowing to fix a hopeless couple when called upon. The best things to call her upon, or invoke, her is for love spells, fertility, fairy, magick, abundance, prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magical vows (or cryptic honor and promises), revealing faeries, bearing magical children, and leaving unsuitable mates. Key things to help you call upon are the sun and moon, the direction South West, the element air, red mare, and rabbit. All of these things are connected to her. Some people celebrate her during the summer solstice by going through fields with torches.


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