Magick Reiki Protection



By Daelyn Wolf

The Magick Reiki Protection Attunement is an energetically charged system that holds protection within its very essenced. As you work with the energies of this system you will find that there is Magick in the pictures and the very manual itself. This energy can be used for protection for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home and car, and more. Wherever you go there are negative energies lurking.

Magick Reiki Protection allows you to visualize the symbol and send up instant protection with the snap of your fingers. It is a powerful protection magick that combines with reiki energies.

Magickal Protection helps to shield you whenever you need it in a fast quick way. The shielding is strong and works to send those who might wish to intrude away—they will tend to walk on past your home of car or you if you are using protection energy. Should you feel there is danger you can use this energy to shield yourself immediately. It works also to protect you from psychic attacks, energy vampires, and all forms of negative energies that attempt to attach to you. The energies of Magick Protection Reiki are powerful. You can use it to protect your family, your pets, your home, and more. It is very easy to use.


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