Archangel Michael Alignment



By Maria Windsong Couture

Archangel Michael Alignment ™ energy system attunes your heart center, third eye, root chakra and hands to be in alignment with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael Third Eye Alignment has been channeled to help increase our intuition and discernment in wisdom and valor.

Intuition and foresight can be greatly increased the more often you activate this Archangel Michael Third Eye Alignment. I’ve been using this alignment personally for over 5 years and am thrilled with the results! It is as taking your intuitive awareness and suddenly moving it to look through Archangel Michael’s third eye!! Amazing clarity and accuracy can be obtained while you are in that alignment!

Archangel Michael Root Chakra Alignment removes fear related to dangers felt in regards to discrimination of any kind and home safety. All kinds of discrimination imprints from experience can be removed.

Archangel Michael’s Hand Enhancement increases your ability to channel healing energies.   Archangel Michael Power™ is an energy function that puts you into the flow of Archangel Michael’s power and spiritual authority. It is very useful for people or regularly assist others to remove negative entities and to clear people’s energy fields of unwanted influences.


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