The Universal Orb Empowerment



by Jay M Burrell

This system has been channelled to aid you in the creation of spiritual etheric orbs which can be used to benefit not only your own spiritual life but also the lives of your friends, family members, clients and even our animal friends. The creation of etheric orbs does not require the use of symbols, mantras or long drawn out rituals which can put some people off wanting to work with energy, all it takes is a little visualisation and your pure heartfelt intention.

The creation of etheric orbs can be used for many situations such as attracting abundance, performing a healing session both in person and via a distance. They can be used to bring balance and alignment to the chakra system. You can also create angelic orbs and crystal orbs. The universal orbs can also be used for protection against negative energies, psychic attack and entity attachment.

Within this manual you will learn a very simple yet effective technique which will enable you to create these orbs for the many situations mentioned above and to also create them for a multitude of other reasons. Each section within the manual will give you the technique in how to create each orb.


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