The Order Of The Gold Light Of Melchizedek



by Rev. Gail Lehmann

The Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek is a Priesthood open to all that are called to higher levels of service and Light work in our current time. The Ascended Masters Melchizedek, St. Germain have brought the Priesthood to a higher level of ascension energy for Priests who are being called to deeper service.

The Order of the Gold Light amplifies the vibration of the attunement with the help of Melchizedek and St. Germain, and the application of the Rainbow Merkaba.

The Priesthood is an amplified, higher energy that brings those who are called to the new 5th Dimensional energy. This energy is an initiation to service, not an ordination. There are groups and seminaries, which provide ordinations under Orders of Melchizedek, however this is an initiation/attunement that opens the individual to deeper Light service.


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