Rainbow Lightning



By Maha Kamaleksana

Rainbow Lightning Reiki has a gorgeous energy that can be described as blissful which is helpful to aid spiritual growth. It contains a remarkable potential energy that naturally exhibits gorgeous flashes of luminescence or rainbow colors of light.

This system has an extremely high vibration that we may feel its quite potent vibration in a number of areas of the body. Especially, this system has an amazing resonance in the heart chakra and higher heart or thymus chakra.

It beautifully stimulates a rush of pure pleasure, inner delight and love, that wells up within us and energizes our heart, thus can bring feelings of joy and happiness.

Once we connect into this energy, we may find that it quickly take us into a very deep inner awareness, and once there we will not want to come back until we have fully experienced all that will be offered to us. It is a truly warm and lovely energy to aid in meditation and connects us quite easily to the higher realms.

It is powerful energy to use to aid us to awaken our inner serpent by activate all of the chakras; all the way up the chakric column from the base chakra through to the soul star chakra; which is located in the etheric body above the crown chakra.

It have a great help to changing our energy patterns and helping us to anchor and ground our lightbody to Mother Gaia. By clearing any discordant or stagnant energy in our auric field, this energy system opens the way for ascension, spiritual awakening and growth.

Since spiritual experience is personal, you may have a number of different types of experiences that from one to another person are not same. Each of us are different and no experience is more right than another.

Physically it is re-energizing and awakening physical and conscious areas that aid many health issues. This system works with healing energy vibration throughout the body, and promotes Divine Bliss & Joy !!!


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