Light Bodies Chakras Enlightenment Reiki 1-12 package



By Daelyn Wolf

The energies of the Light Body Chakras 1-7 Enlightenment Reiki work to help bring you into alignment with the flow of life force energies. The basic 7 chakras are light body chakras that keep the channel of energy moving for positive empowerment, healing, and manifestation.

This system covers the basic chakras in the perspective of light body chakras.

Light Bodies 8-12 Enlightenment Reiki

This brings forth the information that the Higher Beings of Light wish to be revealed at this time. The energies of this attunement help you to connect quickly and easily to the Light Bodies 8-12 for empowerment and enlightenment. By being able to connect to each specific energy body, you will be able to work with the energies of each level consciously to bring improvement in all areas of your life and to raise your vibration in body, mind, and spirit.


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