Faery Realm of Goddess Morrigan Le Fey Empowerment



By Linda Colibert

Faery Realm of Morrigan Le Fey Empowerment connects you to Morrigan Le Fey, the virgin aspect of the Triple Goddess Morrigan and to the faery realm for empowerment. Morrigan Le Fey is a Goddess of the Faery Realm and as such, she can guide you between the worlds and into the land of Fey. She and the Faeries will help you with healing, intuition, fertility, and joy.

Morrigan Le Fey is a Goddess of the realm of Faery and as the Virgin, she is connected to the New and waxing moon. She is playful and youthful, but don’t let her flightiness and flirtation fool you. Morrigan Le Fey can be as deep, mysterious, and as wild and any of her 3 aspects —Maiden, Mother,and Crone.

Morrigan Le Fey is often surrounded by both faeries and animals, especially ravens, who act as sentinels that warn of danger, and wolves, which offer protection. She is a protector of the innocent and those who are unable to fend for themselves. Morrigan Le Fey is a strong and powerful Goddess of magick.


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