Egyptian Energies Package Reiki



There are many healing powers associated with the Egyptians and this is an opportunity for you to become attuned to a few of them in order to help you to heal others.

Which attunements will I receive?

Abdu Netjeru Initiations – 12 initiations
Ahara Reiki
Amulets of Kemet
Ancient Egyptian Mantra Initiation
Cartouche of the oracle
Egyptian Cartouche
Eye Of Horus Activation
Giza Pyramid & Temple Empowerments
Golden Ankh Initiation
Golden Triangle reiki
Isis Seichim
Nectar of the Sphinx empowerment
Ra-Sheeba empowerment
Seichim Reiki
Sekhem Mantra Empowerment
Taokan Seichim
Yod Initiation

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