Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation



by Rev. Tracey Loper

The Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Spirit Connection Activation is given unto us from the Divine Source to reconnect our spiritual cord and reintegrate our mind and spirit to the Divine Source. This will enjoin the Divine Self and the Soul which is a beautiful, sacred, loving and peaceful place within our system.

Regular use of the energy of the Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation will allow the mind and soul to create peace within as well as externally in one’s immediate environment. The energy of this system will guide you and help you access the magic place within the brain that connects to the Divine mind, that is one with the Divine mind, so that one thinks and acts in alignment with the Divine mind.

Working with this energy will allow us to achieve a much deeper level of introspection, inner reflection and improve the clarity and focus on our daily activities and spiritual practices.

As the energy aligns and connects us with the Divine Source this opens us to unlimited possibilities – potentials, consciousness, awareness, expanded higher thinking, without limitations of any kind. Our inner light, the spark of light, that is the Divine, is reignited so that we are in full alignment with the Divine, the Source of All that there is.

As a result we are in touch with the unlimited potential that we hold within ourselves to create all that we desire. We are then created to our greatness. We are created by greatness, in greatness, for greatness, and thus we let go of any perceptions of littleness or limitation that we have been holding onto serving to block us from creating the life we truly desire in our heart of hearts.


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