Awakening The Light Codes of Atlantis



Time has come to connect to our heritage in order to recognize our true being and release old beliefs, thoughts and expectations.
We will overcome any fear or any form of division to see that all is one; and only I AM connecting all of us together to go through a gate in new and for now unknown world. There we will find out beauty of the variety of everything it is and will always be.
Now we are open to higher consciousness, higher frequencies. This process having been predicted for ages allows our search of our congenital knowledge. Now we recognize that we are united with the Mother-Earth, with every living thing, we are divine.
With this attunement our physical body is cleared in order to prepare for
the Ascension.  All our light codes can be activated in us in Atlantis so that we could get access to our initial knowledge. Thoth will accompany us the Crystal Temple of Atlantis. Here we will get access to our source, and we can apply for our true heritage

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