Angel Zadkiel Attunement



Zadkiel is a Healing Angel… he works alongside Archangel Michael… transmuting negativity with faith and compassion…. He works with the Violet Flame along with Holy Amethyst his Archea and Saint Germain….. His attunement to this purifying and transformational ray of the Violet Flame…. permeates at a deep subatomic and cellular level…. bringing healing balm and calm to all areas concerned…. The Chakra especially purified by this Ray is the Eighth Chakra… that of the forth dimensional chakras…. the Seat of the Soul…..
(the Seat of the Soul’s Residence within the physical body).

This Chakra governs the genetic code, heredity, and the seed and the egg… It is through the Soul Chakra that you transfer the Christic Light, the seed of the Alpha, the egg of the Omega, to bring forth the Divine Progeny….. The Chakra when vibrating in harmony and accord with the Holy Christ Self and the other chakras… emits the violet light of the Seventh Ray…..

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