Angel Of Happiness


Angel of Happiness


Allow your soul the time, the space, the quiet place, the removal of undue outside influence, this place of quiet meditation and loving self examination. You have everything within you that is needed to descend and to mine the depths of your own consciousness. To recover the gold within your own soul. To return to the light and to allow the light to show the gold to you and to those around you. There is no place of darkness within you that does not have this hidden gold awaiting you, awaiting your willingness to come to it, to embrace it, to realize it, to carry it into your consciousness and into the lives of those around you.

The loving presence of the Angels may help you if you choose to allow it. Accept our blessings, accept our gentle illumination. Accept the love that we can radiate all around you and through you. Accept yourself as always and ever a child of God who is loved and embraced and protected.

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